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Most people that have met coach Brando may not know his reason for coaching. In a conversation we had he brought it up and had it written out. I think we can all say we have been where he has been. Read on to learn more of Brando and how he grew into his role.

I think my “why” as in why I do CrossFit, why I coach people, why I want to help others became very clear to me today. From what I noticed at the gym, a majority of our members have been bullied, in one way or another by people, or situations or even by posts on social media. And don’t get me wrong, everyone gets bullied sometime in their life. But the bullying that some of these members went through definitely still affects them till this day.

Growing up I was bullied too, not just in school, but also by my extended family like my aunts, my uncles, my cousins. They would bully me, call me fat, say I wouldn’t be able to do things because I was heavy. They would put stereotypes on me that people normally would towards someone that was overweight. They would make comments that I could not accomplish anything that required some type of athletic feat, and because of that I wouldn’t feel safe around my family, I didn’t want to be around some of them.

This idea that I couldn’t do something started to manifest in my mind and I started to believe it. Which is extremely unfortunate because later I came to realize it isn’t true; It never was true.
These doubts had begun to bleed into other things into my life. I started thinking maybe I can’t be that smart, maybe I can’t go up and sweet talk a girl, maybe I’m not smart enough to get something done. These thoughts would creep into my head, and little by little I almost started to fully believe in them.

I knew I didn’t believe it because deep down inside I felt capable and I knew I could accomplish something great or make a difference somehow. I knew I would get past this because I stopped listening to the doubt.

Fast forward to how I was introduced to CrossFit. I saw CrossFit on TV, and was very interested in what it was. When I saw it, I thought to myself “that person wasn’t just born with the ability to walk on their hands or lift that much weight, they must’ve worked towards that. There’s just so many different disciplines to master. They must have had to work on it”. This helped me believe that with hard work and a lot of effort, people can achieve what they want. So I started CrossFit. I wasn’t very good in the beginning, so I had to keep reminding myself, “That person on TV didn’t start off like that. You need to keep going, there is no difference between that guy on tv & you. The only difference is the effort you are willing to put in and follow through with.”

I started to become more consistent, I saw slow progress, but progress nonetheless. That doubt, from when I saw a little kid started to disappear more and more. I started to believe that if I put my mind on something, that I can do it. I can get it done.
I was able to prove my aunt, cousins, & uncles wrong. I created a sense of belief in myself. I realized, that this sense of belief does not only have to be limited towards fitness, but towards anything you want it to.
I then started to apply that same thought process with other things in my life. It feels amazing to accomplish a goal that you had set. Even moreso, I feel like I was starting to inspire others around me.

That naturally turned into another desire. I realized I wanted to help people create a sense of belief within themselves. There are many different ways you can approach that, depending on the person. But I am willing to stick by someone’s side, to consistently find better ways of showing them they can do something. Whether that be proving it to them with their fitness, or their mindset towards fitness, then helping them realize you can apply this anywhere in life.
I want to help people realized they didn’t get where they wanted to the next day. It took work, everything will take work, things will always need to be improved.

I want to be there, to show them you made it this far in your fitness & in your mindset, that they have made an amazing improvement towards something they thought they never would. Now they must apply it in other parts of their life. And I will try my best to figure how they can apply it outside the gym as well. That is something I am diligently working on. It is something I will improve and always improve.