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Welcome to the Best Hour of your day!

At Paradise We believe that training shouldn’t be intimidating or feel stressful. That’s why we CrossFit Paradise was born. We look not only to change the physical being but the emotional and mental being. Our goal is to provide an environment of success, where you are in control of your journey with the help of our coaches as your guide.

We know that other gyms can feel intimidating and we gave life to this gym to provide the opposite. We believe inherently we all want to belong to something a little bit bigger than ourselves. We foster that through the community events and support our members give to each other. We are interested in you as a person and helping you achieve the best version of yourself. At Paradise we care about everyone who walks through our doors. It is our vision to make your stay with us, the best hour or more of your day. We understand the needs and stresses that life outside the gym puts on us, therefore we hope while you are here, we can better prepare you for those demands.

We believe this saying; “Paradise is not a place, it’s a state of mind” echoes through our community. Stop by and see what we are talking about! We can’t wait to meet you and begin this journey with you! Sign up for your Day 1 Journey Experience here!

I’m still competitive and type A, but Paradise has put that a distant second to what really matters and that is people. I’ve built some lifelong friendships here. I love this community because it’s a cornerstone of my life now.
David D 
crossfit paradise acts as an escape for me and a place of happiness all while getting fit!
Bridget A 
Why CFP? From day 1 I became part of the team,being cheered on and cheering others on.You don’t know how hard you can push yourself until you’re doing it WITH everyone else.It’s a bonding experience that will make you feel so amazing& so proud.This is CFP’s foundation & my “why”
Vanessa F 
Having Crohn’s disease I need to keep my body active. Crossfit gives a little mix of everything thru out the week to keep my body in motion. Plus the coaches and all the members are truly amazing a keep me motivated on the extra hard days.
Stacey S. 
Definatley a strong supportive community with wonderful, knowledgeable and encouraging coaches. There are days I am tired and feel exhausted and I get there and that all turns around ! 🙂
Kelly B 


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