Crossfit Paradise has given me the guidance and foundation to continue training towards my goals on the Spartan Race course and to have longevity in my functionality and mobility in my day to day life. I am grateful for the all the support and friendships from the CFP Community !
Janelle R.
When I first started in October 2018 my right shoulder was not at its best from being dislocated twice in one year. But over time with help from the coaches I’m able to do movements that I thought would take long to achieve as well as lift a little heavier. Very thankful to them.
May C.
crossfit paradise acts as an escape for me and a place of happiness all while getting fit!
Bridget A
Millburn, NJ
Why CFP? From day 1 I became part of the team,being cheered on and cheering others on.You don’t know how hard you can push yourself until you’re doing it WITH everyone else.It’s a bonding experience that will make you feel so amazing& so proud.This is CFP’s foundation & my “why”
Vanessa F
I love how every time I walk into this gym, it feels like every person in the room is personally invested in my success. It feeds my confidence both inside and outside the gym. The camaraderie is unparalleled!
Jesse K.
This gym has helped me grow not only physically but mentally and spiritually. I'm breaking out my comfort zone and having great time while doing it.
Nitchelle P.
I was never an athlete so I never thought I’d be able to lift any kind of weight and would struggle with the workouts. But the coaches have gone out of their way to make sure I’m able to do all of the movements. Just doing the movements correct is an accomplishment for me!
Allison W
Roselle Park
Definatley a strong supportive community with wonderful, knowledgeable and encouraging coaches. There are days I am tired and feel exhausted and I get there and that all turns around ! 🙂
Kelly B
I’m still competitive and type A, but Paradise has put that a distant second to what really matters and that is people. I’ve built some lifelong friendships here. I love this community because it’s a cornerstone of my life now.
David D
Roselle Park
Having Crohn’s disease I need to keep my body active. Crossfit gives a little mix of everything thru out the week to keep my body in motion. Plus the coaches and all the members are truly amazing a keep me motivated on the extra hard days.
Stacey S.

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